Hacking Public Space at S.M.A.K. Ghent

Two artists hang easy and unannounced own work in SMAK.

Ruben Peeters and Faustine Puras, two young artists, walked in the museum at 15h and went out again at 16h45. In between, they attached a work of art to the wall: a statement: a copper plate with an engraved number. "The telephone is an invitation to call the artists", said a press text that was distributed last night at 11:28 p.m.

Ruben Peeters and Faustine Puras propose the concept of "Hacking Public Space 'in demand by SMAK hack.

The artists, Ruben Peeters and Faustine Puras, which showed a copper behind a phone number.
Following the festival Hacking Public Space 'De Vooruit and SMAK have Robin Peeters (Master Faculty multimedia art) and Faustine Puras (Master painting Surikov Institute Moscow), a work developed.

They like the way the concept of 'public sphere' within the festival approached to question and challenge the management here to jump differently. The instiutionele under which the festival takes shape, according to state their opinions completely out the way art and public space ideally interact.

Art in public space is more than a work of art that stands out. A good policy and good practice to ensure quality arts, excite the imagination, giving artistic shape to a place and time to help (new) value for that place. End, involving the citizens in the artistic design of their living environment a key. Immediately this makes for a platform for contemporary art.

The work itself is a conceptual reflection that they - but all too real - the wall between public and private (but publicly funded space) want to destroy. First by the work itself hang in the SMAK, and by also accessible from the outside. It is clear from the work invites artists to call and talk to them.

How long the work will hang in S.M.A.K. is not yet known.